Code sprint

The Code Sprint provides the opportunity for projects to get together to make plans, work on new features, write documentation and generally collaborate. We provide comfortable facilities with all the power and wifi you could need, it's up to the individual projects to decide what the time is used for. While a code sprint is obviously a place for developers it's worth remembering that it's not just about writing code - as we all know a project has many needs including documentation, testing, and providing feedback. What better way to give feedback and give back to the project that you love than to spend a day with the project's developers. There are roles that need to be filled, no matter what your expertise.

When and where

We will have dedicated facilities the day after the main conference, Saturday, July 18th. The Code Sprint will run in the LAPS room of Como Campus, Valleggio building, 1st floor, the room is booked from 8:00 to 18:00. Show your interest adding yourself to a specific project or create new section on the OSGeo wiki page.

GRASS Community Sprint Como 2015

Following the FOSS4G Europe 2015, the GRASS GIS project will hold a GRASS Developer and Power User Meeting, aka 'GRASS Community Sprint'. This will be the sixth Community Sprint event related to GRASS GIS project, the oldest Free and Open Source GIS software.

Everyone is welcome with or without GRASS GIS experience, we are looking for people interested in coding, translating, marketing etc. If you are interested add your self to the specific GRASS wiki page

The meeting will start 18th July with the FOSS4G Europe Code Sprint in LAPS room and it will finish the 22th July. Look the GRASS wiki page for more information.