Keynote speaker

Ki Joune LI

Ki Joune LI
Ki Joune LI
Pusan National University


'Exploring Indoor Space – From Macro-Space to Mini-Space'

Ki Joune LI has been working at the computer science and engineering department of Pusan National University in South Korea since 1993. He received bachelor and master degrees in computer science from the Seoul National University, South Korea, in 1984 and 1986, and PhD from INSA de Lyon, France in 1992. His research interests include spatial and spatio-temporal databases, and GIS. He served as chairs of several international conferences on GIS and geospatial databases, such as ACM-GIS, W2GIS, SSDBM, ACM SIGSpatial-ISA or SSTD.

Professor LI worked for a multi-national project called ISA (Indoor Spatial Awareness), which aimed to establish theoretical backgrounds, data models, and systems for building and handling indoor spatial information from 2007 to 2012. As a result of this project, he has launched an OGC IndoorGML standard working group to provide a standard framework for modeling and exchanging indoor spatial information in 2012. OGC IndoorGML was published in December, 2014 as an OGC standard.

He is currently working for a geospatial open source development project, funded by the Korean government, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. This project is focused on developing open source geospatial software for indoor space as well as conventional open source GIS and a part of the invited talk will be given on this project.