Mapping parties

FOSS4G Europe 2015 Mapping Parties are FOSS4G events where people meet up for map making and having fun. They will take place in Como on Wednesday, July 15th, just after the end of the conference sessions (around 4:30 pm). People shall meet and gather at the main entrance of the Conference Hall. More details will follow soon.

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In the true spirit of mapping parties ANYONE is welcome and can participate. You do not necessarily need to be an OpenStreetMap contributor. Neither do you need to be registered as a delegate at the FOSS4G Europe 2015 conference. If you are just participating in a mapping party please introduce yourself to us so we can welcome you to the mapping party and get to know you.

For more information on a specific mapping party you are encouraged to email the designated contact person.

OpenStreetMap mapping party

OpenStreetMap is a free and open map database of the world anyone can contribute to. One of the best ways for many people to contribute to OSM is through mapping parties. These are special OSM community events where people carry out mapping tasks while socializing, chatting, learning about OSM and mostly having fun together! Mapping parties are also a great way for experienced and highly skilled OSM contributors to help new comers to get started with OSM.

This mapping party has two goals. Firstly we are interested in learning from observing how OSM mapping parties work and what types of geographical information can be feasibly collected during these events. Secondly the mapping party will try to add new data or update existing data for the OSM map of Como. This will include adding missing data or updating existing data about characteristics of Points of Interest (POI) such as building numbers, amenities, shop names...

A dedicated wiki page will be maintained on the OSM Wiki where it will be possible to find more detailed information in the coming weeks. The mapping party is opened to anyone interested in OSM and social mapping. No prior experience with OSM is necessary as we will help you get started. Experienced OSM mappers from Italy and beyond are also very welcome.


First name Last name Organization
Peter MOONEY Maynooth University
Luca DELUCCHI Fondazione Edmund Mach
Marco MINGHINI Politecnico di Milano

For any question on the mapping party please contact Peter MOONEY

Indoor mapping party

Shared indoor spaces are growing both in size and complexity. Next generation indoor location based services essentially rely on detailed indoor maps. By using opensource tools derived from the OpenStreetMap community and by the i-locate project it is possible to map indoor spaces and to make this data available to the whole world!

The result of this mapping party will be not only an indoor representation of the spaces, but it will also contain the entire navigation graph of the building that can be used for routing and navigation purposes. Participants will use a set of specifically developed software tools needed for indoor mapping, the only requirement is to bring your own laptop and mobile device.

During the mapping party data the participants will create both indoor maps and a complete navigation graph with a few clicks! The resulting dataset will be eventually saved on OSM via JOSM, extended to specifically support indoor mapping.


First name Last name Organization
Nicola DORIGATTI Trilogis
Ludovico BIAGI Politecnico di Milano

For any question on the mapping party please contact Nicola DORIGATTI

Land coverage validation game

Automatic detection of land cover from satellite images is still a research challenge; several different approaches are used around the world to address this issue, like the CORINE initiative in Europe and GlobeLand30 in China. What if those two classifications disagree? An answer comes from Human Computation research: when machines are in doubt, ask people!

For the Mapping Party, we propose a so-called Game with a Purpose, that is a gaming application to involve the FOSS4G participants to manually detect the correct land coverage through a fun experience in which they can challenge their colleagues and friends and, in the meantime, contribute to the evaluation of land cover classifications. Join the game here!


First name Last name Organization
Monia MOLINARI Politecnico di Milano
Vijay Charan VENKATACHALAM Politecnico di Milano

For any question on the mapping party please contact Irene CELINO

Emotional mapping

Humans perceive and evaluate environments affectively. Some places are experienced as unsafe or boring, while some others as attractive and interesting.

This mapping party will invite participants to create an emotional map for Como city, by simply contributing their affective experiences during traveling around the city. Participants will be invited to install EmoApp on their own mobile devices, which is a mobile app developed to help people report their affective experiences anytime and anywhere.

The resulting emotional map will tell you how people see and experience the city differently, and will enable many applications, such as city management, urban planning, and smart urban services.


First name Last name Organization
Haosheng HUANG Vienna University of Technology
Laura CARCANO ASF Autolinee
Eleonora CICERI Politecnico di Milano
Gerolamo SAIBENE Between
Franco MERCALLI Fondazione Alessandro Volta

For any question on the mapping party please contact Haosheng HUANG