FOSS4G Applications

  • FOSS4G project status report
  • Open source geospatial development
  • Transition to FOSS4G
  • Benchmarks of FOSS4G applications
  • Strategic applications with FOSS4G


  • FOSS4G software interoperability
  • Open standards implementations
  • Interoperability experiments
  • INSPIRE case studies
  • Interoperable SDI

Geospatial data

  • Big and open geospatial data
  • Open imagery and remote sensing
  • 3D, point cloud and sensor data
  • Geospatial data quality and analytics

Open geospatial education

  • FOSS4G in education and teatching
  • FOSS4G professional training
  • FOSS4G certification programs

New trends

  • IoT and geolocation
  • Indoor mapping and sensors
  • UAV and drone mapping
  • Geospatial cloud