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GeoExt2 – Past, Present and Future


GeoExt is Open Source and enables building desktop-like GIS applications through the web. It is a JavaScript framework that combines the GIS functionality of OpenLayers with the user interface savvy of the ExtJS library provided by Sencha.

Version 2 of GeoExt (, released in October 2013) is the successor to the GeoExt 1.x-series and is built atop the newest official installments of its base libraries; OpenLayers 2.13.1 and ExtJS 4.2.1.

The talk of two GeoExt core developers and members of the PSC (Project Steering Committee) will shortly present the history of the project with a focus on how an international code sprint back in May 2012 lay the foundations of the 2.x-series of GeoExt. The current version will be presented and and we'll discuss new features and important changes for users of the framework. Especially the following aspects will be portrayed:

Usage of the new classes
Compatibility with the single-file build tool of Sencha
Integration into the ExtJS MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture
Better API-documentation
Easier theming of ExtJS/GeoExt applications

As both of the base libraries are about to release new major versions – OpenLayers 3 and ExtJS 5 are very near to be being released in stable versions – the last focus of the talk will be the future development of the GeoExt 2 framework.

The project has already pre-evaluated the possibility of supporting more than just one mapping library, so a future version of GeoExt might bring support for OpenLayers 3 and/or Leaflet and is likely being built on top of ExtJS 5.


Marc Jansen, Bart van den Eijnden

Presenter Biography: 

Marc Jansen and Bart van den Eijnden develop WebGIS-applications (mostly client-side) at their respective employers terrestris and Boundless.

Both are core developers of the GeoExt / GeoExt 2 library, members of the GeoExt Project Steering Committee and both are OSGeo Charter Members (

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