Geo Reports


The goal of “Geo Reports” workshop is to show how to create a report with spatial data and map printout. The final report packed in PDF file shows map with data about object and additional header and footer. After this workshop one will be able to call standardized OGC services and publish data in PDF report.

Course outline
• Usage of OGS (open geo suite ) as a web based GIS tool
o Short introduction to OGS
o Review basic operations on map viewer
• Styling map using OGC SLD
o Basic styling principles
o Styling with GeoExplorer
• Use OGS WMS service for map generation
o Short introduction to OGS WMS
o Introduction to Geoserver Demo requests for WMS
o WMS Reflector
• Use OGS WFS service for feature info
o Short introduction to OGS WFS
o Introduction to Geoserver Demo requests for WFS
o WFS request
o WFS filters
• Report creation
o Planning a Report
o Creating a Report
o Selecting Records
o Organizing Data on a Report
o Formatting a Report
o Applying Section Formatting
o Creating Basic Formulas
o Applying Conditional Reporting
o Representing Data Visually
• Publish report

• Business Analysts
• Report Writers
• Report Designers
• Application Developers
• Windows conventions
• Basic computer skills and database concepts
• Basic programming knowledge
• Eclipse IDE
• iReport Designer | Jaspersoft

Skills taught
• Understand the roadmap for geo reports
• Plan and create simple examples of geo reports
• Apply simple geo report design methodology
• Manage geo report distribution


Krunoslav Hrnjak, Nebojša Subanović, Tihana Hrnjak, Luka Murgić

Presenter Biography: 

Krunoslav Hrnjak has graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering with GPA above 4.5 in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications. He has 9 years of experience in the ICT profession as software developer, solution architect and project manager. As a member of an internationally recognized association for the project management PMI (Project Management Institute) and as a Certified Project Manager PMP (Project Management Professional) he respects and implements high standards for top professionals through a PMI code of ethics. He gained respectable experience in field of GIS, especially digital Cadaster working for Croatian, Macedonian and Armenian cadaster.
He works as Court Witness Expert for Informatics and Telecommunications and also as an IT course lecturer at University Computing Centre (SRCE).

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