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GeoCat Bridge - Publish From ArcGIS Desktop Into FOSS4G


GeoCat Bridge helps to bridge the gap between proprietary and open source solutions. The goal of this product is to provide a solution that makes it extremely easy for users to publish their data from ArcGIS Desktop on a GeoNetwork, GeoServer and/or MapServer based server solution. The tool converts the ArcMap symbology to symbology optimised for GeoServer and MapServer. Data can be loaded to the server on the file system or straight into PostGIS. It manages metadata at the source and publishes it as clean ISO19139 metadata.
This way Bridge can create INSPIRE View Services with related metadata that complies to INSPIRE or a more specific national profile. This extension creates a bridge where both proprietary, open source solution providers and open standards supporters are winners.


Anton Bakker

Presenter Biography: 

Anton Bakker joined GeoCat in 2013 after obtaining a MSc in Geo-Information Science (Wageningen University, NL). During his MSc he did an internship at GeoCat on the topic of Sensor Web Enablement and developed an spatio-temporal map viewer-extension for ArcMap. Currently Anton is mainly developing in .NET for GeoCat Bridge.

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