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GeoCat Live: The Unified Platform


Times are changing and having independent servers for maps and metadata doesn't make sense anymore. It is not uncommon to see map servers that are not published in any catalog and metadata that is not synchronized with the data that represent. The need for a unified platform where data and metadata can be treated as a whole is clearly needed.

Several attempts to create a unifying platform for geographic data covering both the data itself and a catalog of associated metadata have been made. But given the complex nature of these systems, we thought a new approach was needed.

That's why in GeoCat we are developing Live, a SaaS-based platform to easily deploy a consistent and comprehensive geographic server architecture.


María Arias de Reyna, Anton Bakker

Presenter Biography: 

María became interested in Free and Open Source Software when she was studying at the University of Sevilla (Spain).

She has been developing open source GIS software since 2007. Different subjects such as routing, real time maps and emergency systems have had her attention. In 2012 she started to work for GeoCat, focusing mainly on GeoNetwork opensource related development.

Maria is a prominent member of the OSGeo Spanish Local Chapter and is actively working on the GeoRestless (GeoInquietos) Sevilla group.

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