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INSPIREd access to geological data with Rasdaman based WCS and WCPS services


As part of EarthServer, an ongoing e-Infrastructure EU-FP7 project, the British Geological Survey(BGS) is investing in the development of Web Coverage Services (WCS) and Web Coverage Processing Services (WCPS), built on open source Rasdaman and Petascope software in a bid to make 20TB of geological data readily available to the geoscience data user community of scientific users, stakeholders such as exploration companies, civil engineers, local authority planners, and the general public.

As a governmental organization and supplier of data covered by the INSPIRE directives, BGS must consider whenever providing data services, how they might do so compliantly.

As the project draws to a close, the presentation looks at what we have acheived from the data delivery aspect using WCS and WCPS services, how far we have got with incorporating INSPIRE download services metadata, how we have added GeoSciML into our coverages, and how we are able to query this information, in comparison to data supplied in INSPIRE compliant WFS services.


Passmore J, Sen M., Laxton J.

Presenter Biography: 

James joined BGS in 1998 working on Web Systems and the exchange of geospatial data. He has overseas experience in Afghanistan, PNG, and Bangladesh. He is an advocate of open source GIS software. He is involved in the development of GeoSciML, the OneGeology initiative, and is editor of the OneGeology GeoSciML, and WMS cookbooks. He developed the BGS INSPIRE compliant services and metadata, and is involved in the user acceptance testing of the portal. He is currently involved in the development of BGS linked data, and provision of OGC web services (CSW,WCS,WFS, and WMS).

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