Keynote talks from leaders worldwide

The story gets more and more amazing. This time we announce, with a bright big smile, the keynote presenters we managed to get on board FOSS4G-Europe. Two heavy-weights will open: Jeff McKenna, President of the OSGeo Foundation; Patrick Hogan, the World Wind Project Manager at NASA Ames Research Center. Two other just-as-heavy-weights will conclude the conference: Suchith Anand, chair of the ICA Commission on Open Source Geospatial Technologies; Venkatesh Raghavan - Osaka City University, Japan.

For each one of them, achievements and impacts worth at least one separate news entry would be merely appropriate. But you find their footprint anywhere on the Internet anyway. So use the singular opportunity of having all< of them together in one place, and listen to them sharing their thoughts with us.

Oh, BTW, time to book: early-bird registration ends on May 30!

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