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Location-based Task Management for Mobile Business


Salesmen need to visit their customers, city officers need to check public assets, outpatient care staff needs to visit patients, … and there are lot of other examples where tasks have a geospatial reference.
To manage such work with information technology implies more than just dropping a marker on a map: location-based tasks usually pass through various states, have varying importance, get assigned to different people and follow a predefined workflow. Activities must be documented, working hours need to be tracked. Whether local government or (small) businesses, on-site work is often managed in an old-fashioned and rather inefficient way.
With optimization of work processes and tour scheduling in mind we have started to build a task management software based on available open source software and open standards. In this presentation you will learn about our concepts, and how FOSS4G can facilitate on-site customer services and improve service quality and efficiency.


Daniel Kastl

Presenter Biography: 

Geographer, software developer, PSC member and founder of pgRouting project, founder of Georepublic and Free Software advocate.

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