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Maps and Services for ESA powered by Open Data & Open Source


Open Data and Open Source Software are the basis for the Maps and Services provided by EOX for the new user services of the European Space Agency (ESA).

The provided Maps are generated almost exclusively from Open Data. The terrain map for example is based on OpenStreetMap, EU-DEM, and GlobCover data.

The ngEO Browse Server, responsible for providing standardized access to maps and browse images via OGC's WMTS and WMS, is solely based on Open Source Software like MapCache, EOxServer, MapServer, and GDAL. It is implemented by EOX in the frame of ESA's User Services Next Generation (ngEO) project.

The services offered are used to present the user with visual representations of search results. Searches are typically performed against collections of acquisitions where it is important to visualize single browse images as well as all browses in a specific time interval. The maps are used to put the search results into a spatial context first via the terrain map in the background and second via the transparent overlay map showing labels and line features.

This presentation introduces the design of the maps as well as the architecture and functionality of the ngEO Browse Server.


Stephan Meißl, Joachim Ungar, Fabian Schindler

Presenter Biography: 

Fabian, Joachim, and Stephan work at EOX IT Services GmbH in Austria. Fabian is very active in the Open Source world where he is amongst others the main developer of the EOxServer and the ngEO Browse Server projects.
Joachim is a professional cartographer and responsible for the design of EOX Maps.
Stephan actively participates in OGC's Web Coverage Service (WCS) Standards Working Group as co-chair and in the Open Source world as a PSC member of MapServer and EOxServer.

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