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MapServer Project Status Report


Status Report 2014 is be a big year for the MapServer project with the forthcoming release of the 7.0 version. This presentation highlights the new features included in this version, mainly WFS2.0-Inspire, UTFGrids, heatmaps, etc., as well as a recap of the main features added in recent releases including the addition of MapCache and TinyOWS. It further shows the current and future directions of the project and discusses contribution opportunities for interested developers and users.

After the status report of the MapServer project there will be the opportunity for users to interact with members of the MapServer project team in an open question/answer session. Don’t miss this chance to meet and chat face-to-face with the members of the MapServer project team!


Stephan Meißl, Thomas Bonfort

Presenter Biography: 

Thomas is a MapServer maintainer, PSC member, and release manager for the latest releases.

Stephan is a MapServer PSC member.

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