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Massive data processing in GRASS GIS 7: A new gap-filled MODIS Land Surface Temperature time series data set


Using GRASS GIS 7, we have reconstructed a seamless and gap-free time series for land surface temperature (LST) at continental scale for Europe from daily MODIS LST products, keeping the temporal resolution of four records per day and enhancing the spatial resolution from 1 km to 250 m. Our method constitutes a unique new combination of weighted temporal averaging with statistical modelling and spatial interpolation. In order to propose a worldwide reproducible method, we selected as auxiliary variables datasets which are globally available. In our presentation we will illustrate the technical challenges of managing a huge number of raster maps in the multi-terabyte range: how we mastered the limitations of file systems, and the data transfer within a cluster system. GRASS GIS 7 gained a lot from this multi-annual effort which has now been made available to the public. In our presentation we will provide examples for MODIS LST applications, such as disease risk assessment, epidemiology, environmental monitoring, and identification of temperature anomalies at continental scale. Aggregated derivatives of our dataset (following the BIOCLIM variable scheme) will be freely made online available for direct usage in GIS based applications.


Duccio Rocchini, Luca Delucchi, Markus Metz

Presenter Biography: 

Markus Neteler ( - is head of the GIS and Remote Sensing unit at the Research and Innovation Centre of the Fondazione Edmund Mach, Trento, Italy. His main research interests are remote sensing for environmental risk assessment, epidemiological GIS modelling and Free Software GIS development, the latter since 1993. He is principal GIS analyst in several European and national projects related to vector-borne diseases and biodiversity. He is GRASS GIS PSC chair and coordinating its development since 1998. Markus is author/co-author of several books and chapters on the Open Source Geographical Information System GRASS and various papers on GIS applications. He is founding-member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation ( and served on its board of directors from 2006 to 2011.

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