Academic Track Paper

An Open Source Virtual Globe Implementation for Android


P. D. Almeida, J. G. Rocha

Presenter Biography: 

Paulo Dias Almeida is a Phd student at University of Minho with a Master's in computer science.


"Virtual globes have a number of key benefits as a platform for communicating and visualizing geospatial data over traditional geospatial technologies.
Despite these advantages, there still is a need for a complete, well supported, open source virtual globe solution in the mobile environment.
In this paper we discuss the implementation of a virtual globe for mobile platforms. We started by characterizing such globe and the technologies it involves, identifying in the process the advantages this type of application entails. We present the architecture and the implementation decisions.
With the work developed in this project we provide a virtual globe application that is easily expandable and runs natively in the Android operative system."

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