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Processing Data In GeoServer With Rendering Transformations, WPS Processes And SQL Views


This presentation will provide the attendee with an introduction to data processing in GeoServer by means of WPS, rendering transformations and SQL views, describing real applications and how these facilities were used in them. We'll start with the basic WPS capabilities, showing how to build processing request based on existing processes and how to build new processes leveraging scripting languages, and introducing unique GeoServer integration features, showing how processing can seamlessly integrate directly in the GeoServer data sources and complement existing services. We'll also show how to integrate on the fly processing in WMS requests, achieving high performance data displays without having to pre-process the data in advance, and allowing the caller to interactively choose processing parameters. While the above shows how to make GeoServer perform the work, the processing abilities of spatial databases should not be forgotten, so we’ll show how certain classes of processing can be achieved directly in the database. At the end the attendee will be able to easily issue WPS requests both for Vectors and Rasters to GeoServer through the WPS Demo Builder, enrich SLDs with on-the-fly rendering transformations and play with SQL views in order to create dynamic layers.


Andrea Aime

Presenter Biography: 

Open source enthusiast with a strong experience in Java development, core developer and project management committee member of the GeoServer and GeoTools projects, as well as active contributor to GeoWebCache. Personal interest range from high performance software development, high data volume management, software testing and correctness, spatial data analysis algorithms, map rendering.

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