PyWPS Tutorial


PyWPS is one of the first implementations of OGC Web Processing Service (OGC WPS 1.0.0) on the server-side, using Python programming language. Since it’s beginning in 2006 it was offering support for running scripts of GRASS GIS and other popular libraries, such as R, GDAL, Proj4 and other. Users of PyWPS can write their server-side geo-scripts and interface them on the internet using standard WPS interface.

In this tutorial, we will introduce you with the topic, how to start with PyWPS, how to get it installed, how to start with your first process. Connection between PyWPS and QGIS WPS Plugin will be demonstrated too.

PyWPS is knowen for it's simplicity and speed installation process.


Jorge de Jesus

Presenter Biography: 

Jorge S. Mendes de Jesus has a Ph.D in Geography and Sustainable Development from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and has been employed by the Joint Research Center to participate in INTAMAP and EuroGEOSS project. After he worked at Plymouth Marine Laboratory researching on WPS and web serbice orchestration for the INTAMAP project. Currentely working at ISRIC - World Soil Information supporting the soil comunity with web services and software developments. Current research interrestes are: web services, service orchestration and data modelling of soil data.

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