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Rich Internet Open Source Spatial Point Patterns Analysis Tool


The computerization of many government data and the advances in location-based data collection technologies such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) provide a huge and increasing amount of geospatially-referenced. This explosive growth of geospatially-referenced databases has far outpaced the analyst's ability to interpret these data using conventional GIS, creating an urgent need for geospatial analysis techniques to be incorporated into GIS.
In view of this problem, we present you RIGAP, a rich internet implementation of geospatial analytics platform by integrating Leaflet Mapping API and D3.js with a collection open sources geospatial analysis libraries from R. We will discuss the technical approach used to design RIGAP and its software integration. Using a real world data, we will then demonstrate the geospatial visual analytics and modeling capabilities of RIGAP. The presentation concludes by sharing our future development direction and features enhancement of RIGAP.


Kam Tin Seong, Heng U San, Andrea Ng Hao Yuan, Lam Kee Wei

Presenter Biography: 

Kam Tin Seong is Practice Associate Professor of Information Systems at the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University. Assoc Prof Kam has more than twenty years of experience in both the geospatial industry as well as the academia. His teaching and research interests are in GIS for Business, location intelligence, geospatial analytics, visual analytics, spatial statistics and spreadsheet modelling. Prior to joining SMU he was the Manager, Application and Educational Services, ESRI Pte. Ltd., one of the world leading GIS company.

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