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Towards a geospatial library based on FOSS4G


J. Mendt


Presenter Biography: 

Jacob Mendt has study geography, geoinformatics, economics and business administration at the Technical University of Dresden (TUD). In this time he was involved as a student assistent in the EU project "EO2HEAVEN" and helped to develop spatial data infrastructures (SDI) for connection environmental data with health data. Since April 2013 he works as a research assistant in the project "Virtuelles Kartenforum 2.0" at the Saxony State und University Library Dresden (SLUB).


The following “work in progress” paper describes the current status of the research project “Virtuelles Kartenforum 2.0” (VK2.0), which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Since April 2013 the projects tries to establish a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for publishing, searching and accessing historic map collections and place names at the Saxony State and University Library Dresden (SLUB). During the first project phase the main work was the development of a crowd sourced georeference process, to initially georeference around 6.000 historic plane survey sheets, and the implementing of an mapping and searching infrastructure. By supporting OGC compliant service interfaces like WMS, WFS, WMTS or CSW, and a license model based on CC-BY-SA, the infrastructure tries to foster an open and easy access to the spatial data provided through the library. Therefor mostly established open source products like UMN Mapserver, MapCache, GeoNetwork, PostgreSQL, PostGIS and GDAL, are used. Also a portal (WebGIS), primarily based on OpenLayers, for accessing, searching and visualizing the georeferenced maps, was developed.

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