Web mapping with OGC services and GeoServer: an introduction


This workshop will provide an introduction to OGC services implementation with GeoServer and GeoWebCache.
The workshop will cover several topics, including setting up vector data in GeoServer, such as shapefile and postgis, setting up raster data, such as geotiff, introduction to the Web Map Service protocol and usage of configured data from external clients, creating GeoServer styles using SLD and CSS, introduction to the Web Map Tile Service, with examples using the GeoServer embedded GeoWebCache
In order to participate no previous knowledge of GeoServer and OGC services is required, but a basic knowledge of GIS concepts and basic data formats (shapefiles, geotiff) is recommended.


Andrea Aime

Presenter Biography: 

Open source enthusiast with a strong experience in Java development. Personal interest range from high performance software development, high data volume management, software testing and correctness, spatial data analysis algorithms, map rendering.
Core developer and project management committee member of the GeoServer and GeoTools projects, as well as active contributor to GeoWebCache.

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