This is the complete event program for this sizzling week.
Watch out - it is growing as the various ingredients materialize one by one!

Full Program at a Glance

early daytime later
Sunday, 2014-jul-13 Soccer championship finals (public viewing)
Monday, 2014-jul-14 GiN Big Data workshop
Tuesday, 2014-jul-15
Wednesday, 2014-jul-15
Thursday, 2014-jul-16
Friday, 2014-jul-17

Sunday, 2014-jul-13

19:00-24:00: Soccer championship finals (public viewing), with barbecue and beer

Monday, 2014-jul-14

09:00-17:00: GiN Big Data workshop

Tuesday, 2014-jul-15

sessions, workshops, etc.

Wednesday, 2014-jul-16

sessions, workshops, etc.

Thursday, 2014-jul-17

sessions, workshops, etc.

Friday, 2014-jul-18

sessions, workshops, etc.

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