Public Viewing of Soccer World Cup Finals 2014

For sure you know it already: the Soccer World Cup 2014 final game will take place on July 13, 21:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time). "Oops", you say, "I gotta see this game, I cannot come to FOSS4G-Europe" ? No problem at all - it's here, at Jacobs, at the event! We have a big screen and will do a big party with public viewing of the game.

Snacks and a range of drinks will be offered. Thanks to Becks, we get free beer; on top of that, we put free soft drinks; more drinks will be on sale for cheap. Assuming sunshine - and we have made a special arrangement with the local weather gods! - we will gather on the Jacobs University campus. Should this be less successful than expected, . We can wander in and out, and have an exciting, yet relaxed night together.

So don't miss this opportunity to watch The Game, have fun, and mingle with a crowd of like-minded folks from all over Europe and beyond!

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