Academic Track Paper

Web Processing Service (WPS) Orchestration. A practical approach


D. Alcacer-Labrador, F. Bensmann, R. Roosmann

Presenter Biography: 

Dorian Alcacer-Labrador, B.S.c, scientific assistant University Of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck


The overall experience of any geospatial processing environ- ment depends on the successful collaboration of different distributed components, such as clients, web portals, multi- ple processing-nodes and service discovery-measures. Many aspects of web service based geospatial processing have al- ready been tackled and put into action at various operational levels and by different means. This contribution provides a brief review of conducted research and work done in the past. It continues with demonstrating a concept for work- flow composition based on local and distributed processes. Therefore a domain-specific language is introduced and the field of application demonstrated by an accompanying use case. The overall concept is evaluated using the framing project RichWPS.

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